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Several weeks ago I started developing code to view the .RAW image files from Tomb Raider: Underworld for the PC/Xbox 360 as a Noesis plugin. You can check out my repository containing the script for those who are interested Clicky

I made a rather interesting discovery, here are all the DLC costumes including two unreleased recolours:

dlc_costume_a: [Released]

dlc_costume_b: [Released]

dlc_costume_c: [Released]

dlc_costume_d: [Unreleased]

dlc_costume_e: [Released]

dlc_costume_f: [Released]

dlc_costume_g: [Unknown] (This has the same picture as costume_o, possibly for placeholder?, either way costume_g is not "released".

dlc_costume_h: [Released]

dlc_costume_i: [Unreleased]

dlc_costume_j: [Released]

dlc_costume_k: [Released]

dlc_costume_l: [Released]

dlc_costume_m: [Released]

dlc_costume_n: [Unknown]
<No image> The image itself is scrambled, it is unknown what this costume is supposed to be but it implies it's unreleased since there are no known costume files for it!

dlc_costume_o: [Released]

dlc_costume_p: [Released]


I don't think we're missing much with those two recoloured versions which weren't released. They can easily be remade from the existing costumes so it's not really a problem.


As suspected the, DLC doppelganger costume images are all placeholder but that doesn't mean they didn't make them.


Here's a look at the "Golden Shotgun" from an image that was supposed to be shown in the PDA guns menu:

So there's a high probability that it may have been usable in-game but is simply unobtainable

It looks gorgeous
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