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Your review is basically the reverse of the "modern-game-reviewer syndrome" - it reads like a 10 but you gave it a 6! (although your last sentence justifies why)

Reading your opening lines makes me kinda envy you, as I first played TR1 only about 2-3 years ago, so there's nothing really nostalgic in it for me (the most TR nostalgic level for me is probably Tomb of Seth, as TR4 was my first TR game which I played back in 2000).

Still, what I like about Caves is that is really a very short level (takes about 6-8 mins?) and yet the designers put so much work into it. For example, the bridge cavern is just so simple (you just need to follow the path) and yet there's so much else you can explore. The last puzzle is incredibly simple, yet the designers built this massive hall just for that puzzle.

Looking forward to your review of Vilcabamba!
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