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Originally Posted by Shakira Croft View Post
This is awesome!

I really like the idea and you're so lucky to be able to do a bachelor on such a topic!

Good luck in this project
Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
This sounds like a fantastic idea! It'd be interesting to see the geography of where Lara goes.
Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
Sounds like a great project. Good continuation with it and keep us updated !
Originally Posted by mandylane View Post
i like this!
Originally Posted by tomekkobialka View Post
I would love to watch this.
Thank you guys for the positive feedback! I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Originally Posted by Matie View Post
Sounds great, good luck with the project! I have visited Egypt myself, several places where Lara has been to, and I was amazed by how well Core Design captured them. I was going to write about the connections between the game and real life as well. I also took some photos there, I can send them to you if you'd like, and I can tell you about my experience, if that helps.
Originally Posted by Zreen001 View Post
Sounds cool! Kind of like a Talkthrough Tomb Raider: History Edition.

It sounds like you're already on your way, but what do you need in the meantime? You mentioned it's a community project, perhaps there's something I could do in my spare time?
Thank you! What I'm currently looking for are lots of photos and videos I could use for the video! I am going to visit Egypt myself this summer, hopefully in time to get some nice for footage for my Tomb Raider 4 episode! Either way, if you have any sort of material you'd like to give me permission for to use in the series, I'd be super thankful if you sent it my way! Just send anything you find useful to my email address and I'll be sure to check it out.
Also, feel free to use this thread to share ideas and information you feel might fit well into a specific episode or a specific location. For example if you know about any historical facts present in a TR game, let me know and I'll include them in the respective section!

Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
Sounds interesting. I may be able to help you with creating animated maps, if you'd like (and if I can find the time).
I was thinking about how to best showcase maps because they'll definitely be in there. Animated maps sound wonderful and would make the whole thing a lot more pleasant to watch. I'll make sure to check back here when I start editing the parts that require maps and we'll see if you find the time to create something!
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