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Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
This video shows the menu on real hardware, but it doesn't darken like the other versions:
Welp, I have actually watched that video before and didn't even notice the menu. In that case, my statement is indeed wrong. Guess I'll have to find out why the wrapper doesn't draw the background correctly then.

Originally Posted by kacpy View Post
My problem is the game displays with pillarboxing at 1728x1080 (as I noticed in screenshots) and what seems like terrible scaling problems. (Basically everything in motion is shapeshifting, including Lara.[/I]
You have to set the native resolution in the game options as well. Otherwise, the vertices are just rescaled from 640x480 to 1728x1080 and produce these glitches you noticed. This also fixes the pillarboxing.

Just cycle through the resolutions until it shows 1920x1080 (normally 800x600 without patches).

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