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Originally Posted by Nickotte View Post
I completely agree. I would love to get back on it sometimes and lend a hand, but without a single flow I wouldn't know what to do. Also, I don't quite understand the branches, isn't TeslaRus's engine the starting one, why is it not the master? Is it a fork of itself?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but. To my knowledge:

(opentomb/OpenTomb) Is a partially refactored version of the old engine.

(TeslaRus/OpenTomb) is based off an old (opentomb/OpenTomb) commit before the code refactoring began. With new features and bug fixes.

(stohrendorf/EdisonEngine) began as a continuation of (opentomb/OpenTomb) refactoring process (to allow development without disrupting the project).


(TeslaRus/OpenTomb) changes aren't in the master repo because the team split. Last I heard, TeslaRus wanted to review the old engine and see what really needed to be refactored. However, there was never an update as to which repository is being used for the team.

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