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Can someone please explain what is happening to the development of OpenTomb? This situation is quite messy, there's 3 versions of the engine. I stopped working on the project after I realised Cochrane was right.
I think Lwmte know better what happen to the project, so far i understand, this is what happen:

Master Opentomb branch was mainly developed by TeslaRus, he was doing most of the work, the source code using was plain "C" language; then new guys came into the project and starts contributing with some code, however these new guys said that the project would be so improved and benefical if code is switched from plain "C" to object oriented C++. TeslaRus was not comfortable with the idea but he have to accept the switch cos majority say c++ would be great.

So master branch was refactored to C++ languaje, the source was broken for some time until finally it can compile and run again. However since then, seem these new guys have not done much in the main branch with the improved C++ code.

TeslaRus opted to continue his main work in another branch with the original plain "C" source wich is the languaje he is comfortable to code; and cos he is the main developer the master branch looks abandoned now.

I have the sense that the new guys expected TeslaRus continue doing the main work in C++ so they will add some code here and there...using the language they like most; however this dosent work like that; never accept drastic changes coming from new people which are enthusiastic when they joined the project, but after few months the enthusiastic is gone.
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