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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
And then there's things like the three-thousand-line switch statement from hell in anim_state_control.cpp, which still gives me nightmares. It's quite a fascinating sight to behold.
Nightmare... in one project all engine was in main.cpp (90000 lines); Yes it is terrible, but it is not a blocker;
Originally Posted by vvsgh View Post
I agree. But to overdo that would be a big mistake. Nobody wants just pretty picture which doesn't do anything useful.
Absolutely agree;

From my side: expectation / reality: I expect more architecture / refactoring / renaming changes, but C++ features adding vas not a big architectural change, it vas C++ features adding; (Yes, architecture changes was expected from me. When I trying to do architecture changes it always prevent to merging conflicts (+I was too lazy to study how to correctly resolve that)). Yes, in some places I had create architecture and code, that I see now with bloody tears; In my repo I was trying to use SOLID principle (without fanaticism), encapsulation (I hide many thing inside modules, or private parts of classes), reduce dependencies + made some functions with a single responsibility principle and fix modules names and its content. In most of cases I did not use C++ features because I have no seen reason to use it (P.S. at work I use std::map, std::vector a.t.c...).
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