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There has never been a Kickstarter campaign which I have been so eager to throw my money at. It feels like so much time has passed since the original concert (though it's only been a few months, I suppose) and I was beginning to worry a CD would not end up following.

Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
I'm glad we'll finally be getting studio versions (if the campaign succeeds but I'm sure it will) but I'm also kind of annoyed that Square apparently didn't want to just fund it themselves .
Originally Posted by Nathan McCree interview with Daryl Baxter
I’ve got the licence from Square Enix to exploit the original soundtrack from the games as I see fit. Now that I’ve used the music for an event, I have that licence for seven years. So now it’s the album. At the moment I am focusing on ‘The Tomb Raider Suite’, but I’m also considering releasing the original synthesised versions as they are in the actual game.
Square funding the project would certainly eliminate the (uncomfortable) uncertainty of the project getting off the ground, but I can understand why they aren't when you take this information into account. My guess? Nathan pitched the concert/album idea and Square approved, but granted a license rather than contributing to the project themselves. Why? Poor sales from the commercially sold TR2013 soundtrack. If it had been profitable, RoTR would have gotten the same commercial treatment...instead they released it for free. I'm just spit balling, but it does seem plausible, doesn't it? What they're missing is how passionate people are about the original soundtracks. So many people have such a personal, tangible connection to the music Nathan composed for TR. Those original scores are nothing like Jason Graves' lackluster drums-and-stings compositions, or ‎Bobby Tahouri painfully generic soundtrack...perhaps the Square people just aren't seeing that.

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