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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
Yes, it is fixed. I also work under some useful changes for music and sound effects.

Yeah, fixed it too. I'll prepare article about object collisions and about this bug some day. In short, Core Design made this mistake in the release of the game of December 10, 1997. Literally the next day, December 11, 1997, they recompiled the game, slightly correcting the logic of the music tracks, and this bug with a ceiling. GOG, Steam, and multipatch are based on the first released version of December 10. In fact, 10 years ago I also took this old exe as a basis, not knowing about its issues. When the issues became clear, it was already too late to rewrite everything under a newer exe. It was easier to understand the differences, find out what was wrong, and fix the problems.

Thanks, I will
I have a question, was the issue with killing the Jade Statue Warriors (enemies in Floating Isles) with the grenade launcher while they were still in statue form fixed? It works in the ps1 version, but crashes the pc version.
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