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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
Wouldn't it be better to have a big budget so that the game's overall quality is among the best out there and at the same time have more classic mechanics merged with new and exiting content so that both sides can be pleased?

The notion that having less budget would be beneficial for the franchise's success is questionable. Not only casuals wouldn't pay for a game that is completely like the classics (hence why I keep saying there needs to be a balance between old and new), but on top of that, the game wouldn't have the same quality as Rise, for example, and that's something gamers demand in these type of games.

As I said, something as simple as adding more classic traits to the character would do wonders. In fact, most of the complaints I see are about Lara's iconography. Not so much about the actual content of the games, at least in Shadow's case. A better story and some more combat to keep audiences engaged would've helped a lot too. Those 3 things would help improve the franchise in a significant way imo.
To be blunt, yes the series needs a budget.

But not a massively inflated one that they have to make up for by removing everything that made the series unique for mass appeal.

To be blunt, you could make Jonell Elliot in 2013, Change her appearance and her dialogue and yes, I would have enjoyed the game more, specificly, only Lara.

I'd still hate the poorly developed side-characters, I'd still hate how linear it is, I'd still hate Lara's Plot Armor and how dumb Matthias is and I'd still hate the really simple combat system that is what 90 percent of the game is.

Alot more changed in the games than what Lara looks and sounds like.
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