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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Boy oh boy was I fuming when I saw that video. Black widow not only has fully working and beautifully fluid animated duals, she also has the back flips, side flips, and the roll twist that classic core Lara would do. There is no and I mean absolutely zero excuse for this. It raises alot of questions that I won't get into, but it certainly feels like a mega slap in the face to see what me and most fans have been demanding and begging for in the past 6 years present in another franchise.
Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
It is beyond insulting we don't have Dual Pistols and acrobatic moves in TR13, Rise and Shadow. In the Future this MUST be changed.

Bring back the Dual Pistols, enough of the tribeswoman/cavewoman/guerilla bs...
I know: this is becoming seriously ridiculous.
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