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Originally Posted by interstellardave View Post
The most important part of TR is tombs, IMO. And, IMO, SOTTR has the best tombs in the entire series. I never thought the original 3 games would be topped in that regard but these tombs are legitimately great. General exploration and traversal is also really good.
I think it was a great starting point, they definitely made a huge effort to bring back the importance of tombs and that should be noted. Some of the puzzles and platforming sequences were pretty good as well, definitely up to par with the classics.

However I don't think they're quite there yet. What I would like to see, going forward, is just a little less obvious straight-forward linearity and guidance in how you traverse through the tombs. Branching paths, some backtracking (nothing too tedious), perhaps even multiple ways of traversing through a room or area in some cases. I especially want more strategic platforming to return instead of the automated stuff, although I much appreciate the white paint being removed here.

The story stinks but, then again, most of the games didn't have good stories. I don't come to TR for stories either. Many of the HUB activities are dull which is another negative... cut those out and the game would be leaner and meaner. The next game should be more of the general exploration, and tombs, and less of the boring HUB activities.
I think the stories of these games get so much criticism because that is what the devs try to promote the games on the strength on. Up until Shadow anyway they didn't really promote the actual gameplay mechanics of the games, it was all about Survivor Lara and her journey. Even in promoting Shadow, that dead horse tag line, Lara BeCoMeS tHe ToMb RaIdEr.

If they're really pushing (painfully serious with it too) that the story is supposed to be the main strength of the game, then it's going to get criticism when it's mediocre.

However I do wish they'd not focus so much on the story, especially cinematic-storytelling, and just let us loose exploring environments with as little cinematic interference as possible. The odd cutscene here and there along with in-game environmental cues is enough, seriously.
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