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Originally Posted by SpyrosMonster View Post
Well if he knows about it then wouldn't it be pretty safe to assume that DLC8 files could've been datamined?
You know, since that has been his stable source of information?
I think you're missing my point.

Datamining doesn't necessarily mean playing it. Datamining is getting the written information from the files, and make something out of the mess that those are. Obviously, in some cases there can be tools that allow some form of play-testing it, but it doubt it in SOTTRs case

For example, in WoW, when there's a new patch being deployed to test realms, its content is datamined before people even have a chance to actually play it - this happens as soon as the content/files of such patches are made public in a server to download. In WoW's case, sometimes they have the patch content in servers, but its encrypted and impossible to download - so, in TR case, if EM wanted to, we would never get leaks, if they did something of the kind
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