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As I mentioned in the WGAYPRN thread, it's easily the best Fallout game since New Vegas, provided you like your Fallout focused on story, characters, and dialogues, rather than a massive open world to explore.

It's immensely old school and, with the exception of the second major planet, very dialogue heavy, with the dialogue-combat ratio being something like 70-30. It's one of those games where you can either chat everyone up and try and complete all quests and always find the least evil solution to every problem, thus easily racking your playtime to 50+ hours, OR you can just literally shoot everyone on sight and still casually beat the game in under 3 hours.

It doesn't bring anything new to the table, and compared to something like Disco Elysium it plays things very safe, but even as such it feels fresh and is a whole lot of addictive fun.
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