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I'm really enjoying it although I do think it suffers from a lot of the things that Fallout is criticized for - poor graphics and a few bugs. But overall I am really enjoying it. I kinda feels like you're following the people from the Fallout era of America who went to Space before the great war. It's so very close to fallout visually in so many ways but still different.

One thing I'm not happy with is there is some ambiguity surrounding the skills and their impact on the missions. I haven't played the game for a few weeks now so I can't really rememeber the specifics. But, and spoilers ahead for those of you who haven't completed it... but given the sparsity of activity in this thred I think we are all ok , you go to a really affluent planet, where The Board's Headquarters is and where Ellie grew up, to find a scientist in her basement lab. Once you find her you can convince her to join you and your scientist friend. You need to have a high enough charisma skill to do this. However, you need tpo have an evern higher one to convince the guard not to kill you when you leave. However there is no indication of what level that needs to be and then the whole city inexplicably turns on you if once you exit the lab. It just feels a bit unstructured considering New Vegas did this quite well. That's the point I'm up to and where I left it due to this as I need to reload an earlier save and leave that mission for later to do it in a more pacifist way.
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