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Format is very similar to other TRNG triggers, just prefixed with 01, 02, etc. corresponding to the plugin ID, e.g.

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 583
; Exporting: TRIGGER(1:0) for FLIPEFFECT(583) {Plugin_AkyVMix01}
; <#> : Camera. <&> Start/stop forcing "look" camera to keep the view 
; <&> : Start
; (E) : 
; If you'll give this trigger to other people or you'll use it with a script.txt different than current
; you should add to the script, first of triggergroup where you'll use this trigger, the following line:
; #define @Plugin_AkyVMix01  4
; Values to add in script command: $042000, 583, $1
Or is it about the internal format stored in the compiled level?

Even if it couldn't be placed in the map, it would've still been useful having it listed and exportable in the editor.
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