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Originally Posted by ozzman View Post
Resident Evil Series - everyone hates them for some reason yet i rather enjoy them
I forgot to add them i like them too.

Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
Terminator 3 - that always gets attacked even though it's >>> T4 and the latest reboot version

AvP - yes the premise is dumb imo. It's stupid to combine things just because on their own their brilliant so together they must be better - I can't understand why people want to do this!! Eg, Avengers, etc. But even so, I have a soft spot for this game... it works.

Signs - can't understand why people pull this apart. I know the water thing is silly... but it still works anyway.
I like Terminator 3 and Signs, The Happening is good too it's M Night Shyamalan's best movie since Signs, my favourite death in that movie is the lawnmower death

The water thing in Signs was mentioned in an episode of Stargate SG-1

Has anyone seen The Call?
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