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As a German, my grammar knowledge of German is worse then for any second etc. language.
This is an occasion where I usually go by "feeling for the language" instead of by "the rules".
To me too many of them "very details rules" feel like "made up", like very ugly constructions with too many exceptions for exceptions to be any helpful, just to have a rule at all.
And my bet is not more than 1 or maybe 2 % of German German teachers would be able to answer your question fully from the top of their head.
And those maybe better conentrated on other fields of their job, like, teaching skills.

You want to avoid words ending in schn, kn, pn, tn, bn, dn, ...
What's the word for those consonants you really can't pronounce without making use of a vowel sound. (like T, as oposed to S) ?

Not sure if there are imported words that do it ("pawn ), but you do definitely not want to create words ending in schn, pn, etc. by following declension / etc. rules.
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