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Originally Posted by The Burned Man View Post
Laraís dodge moves doesnít really help with the human enemies. Itís really unbalanced. They still get you whilst jumping around, and thatís ridiculous. TRIII got this right. And there was no reason to spike up the difficulty. Great Wall wasnít really that difficult apart from the traps, but Venice? TRI didnít throw that much enemies at you till the Greece levels.

I donít see Lara maturing significantly in only a year. You can mature alright, but not to the point of being a witty grandmother with boring one-liners. No offense to Judith Gibbins, she did it right in TRIII.

The Deck is the only level I like from the Maria Doria levels, with only the beginning of 40 Fathoms. There wasnít any reason to make the section this long.

The voice acting is indeed a downgrade. Whilst the characters of TRI had their own voice actors, TRII only has two, of which them are Judith Gibbins as Lara and Nathan McCree as Marco Bartoli, Fabio, the Monk and Winston {the iconic grunts}. Thank goodness TRIII solved this.
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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