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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
I know people get all gushy over PT but honestly I really wouldn't want Kojima to make a SH game. From the bits of info that have leaked about his vision in the time since it sounds like it would have been completely off the wall and not in a good way. I'm sure Kojima could make a good horror game but I don't have faith in him to make it faithful to an existing series.

1.He would bring hollywood actors to the game which would make the game feel less special.(Since SH is about ordinary people looking ordinary instead of action hero characters looking like celebrities.)

2.He probably adds lots of anti American themes. Since he loves doing that in all of his games.(He might even turn the Silent Hill city into an experiment that USA is doing on it's people for some reason)

I really don't think that he would make a good SH game.
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