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Originally Posted by FanosCroft View Post
Ok guys here's the convo:

A: Do you know if GK films and Warner Bros wants to make a Tomb Raider sequel?

B: They do want to but they are having some resistance from bosses...

A: Did they consider it a succes? It flopped in US but did amazing overseas, what they think about this film? Are they willing to turn it into a franchise?

B: They see it as a "mixed opportunity". I think they want to turn it into a franchise but it depends on the reception of sequel first - they'd want it to do well globally.

That's all, not really much but it seems like it's up to the "bosses".
I'm not saying you need to trust him but he was right about almost everything about other stuff.
That's actually promising!

Hopefully they get more investors (maybe Vikander with thee production company and Legendary for better Chinese return) and maybe we can have a sequel
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