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Originally Posted by Mulf View Post
I , for one, applaud your focus on "interesting gameplay"—as opposed to making things that merely look pretty in screenshots.
Notice i said "i will try", emphasis on "try". My opinion is that gameplay>>graphics.

Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
I would still advise using TRNG. It's basically the original roomedit which is much more versatile than DxTRE3D with the mousepatch, and most people here use it so we can easily support you if you run into issues.

Also as you get more advanced TRNG scripting can really make your gameplay ideas come to life in ways DxTRE3D and the original TRLE could never accomplish.
Thanks for the advice, but i want to use the traditional engine.

Ready to show the very first area of my map! The textures are custom ones i have made from TR2 and TR1 ones. What do you think? Texturing is pretty hard, specially avoiding the "wallpapers".

I don't know why but the triangular ceiling above and to the right of lara doesn't want to show the proper texture.
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