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The Vision cutscene shows Atlantis get hit by a meteor, then covered by a tsunami after Natla's imprisonment.

Then nothing happens to it until the 20th century when Natla starts digging around what's left of the island, and finds the pyramid intact.

Qualopec and Tihocan survived the disaster, and founded new empires in the mediterranean and south america.

The game isn't really subtle about any of that. Have you read the backplot from '95 for TR1? It goes into more of how Atlan society worked.

Also I believe the fact that a piece was hidden in Egypt to be a reference to how Plato's decription of Atlantis (the earliest one we have because he made it up to demonstrate a point and give a contrast to his perfect Athenian society), purports to not actually his work but the writing of another philosopher who found ancient scrolls in Egypt describing a war between golden age Athens and a sea-faring nation from the Atlantic.

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