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Atlantis was destroyed by a meteor and then sunk beneath an ocean - judging by the order of the events depicted in Lara's vision at the end of Tomb of Tihocan, it happened after Natla's imprisonment and therefore wasn't related to anything she did. I expect it was supposed to be a similar natural catastrophe to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.

I think the likely reason Qualopec and Tihocan went their separate ways was to increase the chances of survival of their remaining people after Atlantis was lost. If they all went in the same direction and then didn't find anywhere suitable to settle, it was game over for the lot of them. Splitting up meant increasing the chances of at least some of them finding somewhere to set up again and repopulate. As luck would have it, they both found somewhere, and their respective followers became the ancestors of later civilisations in the area, like the Incas and Ancient Greece.

My theory about a piece of the Scion being hidden in Egypt is that Tihocan hid it there after Natla's betrayal (I doubt the vision of him throwing it across a desert is meant to be literal, just showing that he was the one who hid it) and stationed Atlantean soldiers there to guard it, hence their presence in the Egypt levels. After having seen the devastating effects of the combined Scion in the wrong hands, he and Qualopec probably agreed it had to be kept separated forevermore, and so Natla's piece was hidden away and they took their own respective pieces with them when they left the ruins of Atlantis.
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