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Originally Posted by Athukraz View Post
Booted shadow for the first time in a while and im disgusted. Ew. Can't even play for 5 minutes without having flashbacks of the days when the devs treated us like a joke, scum, you name it... for almost a whole year lmfaoo 🤡.
Agree 100%. Revenge of the Developers, literally.

It seems like they were hurt by the criticisms they got with TR2013 {why new Lara, why whiney Lara, why reboot}, Rise {why new Lara face, why Xbox exclusivity, why boring Lara}, and Shadow {why boring Lara 2.0, why Paititi, where Classic Lara}. So they deliberately did this. This is a conspiracy theory...
Talk about being your own worst enemy.
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