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Originally Posted by KyleCroft View Post
Wow! That looks phenomenal!

Originally Posted by afzalmiah View Post
I just saw this thread now and have to say it looks brilliant keep up the great work what bad thing happened to Banua Expedition?
Sounds got messed up, and due to that i had no idea how to fix it, then i started the project again, with High Res object and textures, everything was fine, and then later it happened again, sounds got messed up, it was still okay in 2 levels, the one with the floating islands (it looked way different before, but symsi then once edited the colours of my shot and then it changes to this holy atmosphere. ) and the jungle level, these levels are now transformed into huge landscapes in an open world environment looking like a swamp. Thanks for the compliment!

Originally Posted by Atlantisfreak View Post
You're missing the point that The Tiger is trying to make. Yes, Titak is a special builder, but in the end everyone are, each with their own building styles and gameplay. There's no top of who's the most "special" or "the best" builder. It's simply a matter of taste.
Yep, that is my point exactly, its a matter of taste, just like music.

I'll be continueing with polishing the first post since i was kinda in a hurry yesterday but it was really time to make this thread, so more juicy news in a few hours. I'll post something when im done.
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