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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
Yes but to me that's only a level 1 answer. My (rhetorical) question was more concerned about why things seem to be getting dumber and dumber, is the world getting dumber... And if so, what is the cause. I also have concerns about feedback loops... the dumber the stuff you feed people, the less stretched they have to be, the dumber they want it, the less stretched... and so on.

Which leads to me to wondering if in fact elitism in the arts, etc, albeit exclusionary and pompous, has a role in dragging the population forward in terms of creativity, innovation and what-have-you. That's what I always liked about the BBC in the UK - it isn't reliant on advertising revenue as funding and so can divorce itself from "mass popularity". And because of that, doesn't always create content for the lowest common denominator, as such, just because it generates a wider audience. But this is not appropriate for discussion here. Although that sentence I highlighted in the Core proposal made me muse on these things inwardly. :/
You can't really have this with video games as long as they're mostly financed by their sales. AFAIK the BBC is funded by the government, right? We've similar TV channels in Germany and they also can create programs that aren't suited for the masses. But that doesn't work with video games, at least not yet. Crowdfunding is one solution of the problem, but it's kinda risky for the consumer as not every project gets finished and it never happens with triple A titles.

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I think you could see it a bit with AoD too - I felt that game isn't anywhere like the difficulty / complexity of TR3 - although the Hall of Seasons bits (and others) had their moments.
It's already there in Chronicles. I'm currently replaying it and the game is like a walk in the park. Even enemy wise it's not as heavy as TR I-IV. An example: When the dragon in TR II spits fire on you, Lara will burn until she dies or gets into one of the water holes. The serpents in Chronicles have to hit Lara a few times before she ignites and the serpent battle isn't even as hard as the dragon battle since you can hide at the sides of the building and the water hole is pretty close by.
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