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Originally Posted by Evil Doggos View Post
Ok. I am not here to troll or to bait anybody here. To those that like TR 2013, why? Now I must confess that this was my first Tomb Raider game and I bought it on release day. Enjoyed it and completed it 100% on hard within 2 days.

As unexpected I immediately regretted it. There was no incentive to come back and do it all over again. Pointless xp. Useless skill points. Very little tombs to raid. Hand holding and auto crouch because the game thinks you are completely stupid. And my conclusion to this day is that it deserves a 4/10 as a Tomb Raider game simply because it is a bad survival horror game with little to no tombs. Only Tomb Raider in name. There is nothing Tomb Raiding about it.

As for an average game it is a soulless 6/10 rental experience. For a modern single player only game that consists of point, shoot, cover and heal when hurt, this fits the definition of a stale 3rd person shooter like Gears of War except Gears was aware of how ridiculous it is and at least fun. Sound track was a copy paste bore fest of the same **** I hear in any other high budget Hollywood garbage.

To not add gasoline to a fire a may have caused, why do you like this game? I am thankful I experienced Tomb Raider the original after this one as I realized what makes this franchise special. Now I did recently finish the reboot trilogy and I am on my way to completing Underworld and the original. And I have to say I am sadden that Tomb Raider came back as a bland 3rd person shooter game that greatly deviates and devolves to what it once was. Rise and Shadow did improve but no one will care that these games existed. They will be forgotten.
Ok so I agree with the part where you say that TR2013 only has TR title and it has little tombs and, in general, it's not Tomb Raider at all.

But I completely disagree in the part where you say that as an average game it is 6/10. TR2013 might not be a Tomb Raider but it is a great game. It's a solid 8/10 for me as an average game. It's not just point, shoot, and heal. The story, the platforming, the voice acting is just very good.

And I am speaking as a person who has put TR2013 as the worst TR after Underworld, huh.
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