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Originally Posted by RedField2012 View Post
This month I will only show all the posters related to the characters of the 1st season of my Tomb Raider series...

Starting with Jacqueline Natla
I'm sorry for asking but I'm not sure exactly what this project is supposed to be? Are you mix matching numerous unrelated real movie sequences together to create your own Lara Croft story? How do you plan to achieve this without any character mentioning each other's real name (since these clips are clearly not from tomb raider materials)? Unless you record/use voice clips from the games and do your own voiceovers...

Because I doubt Tilda Swinton is starring in any Lara Croft movie...

You should really put references (or acknowledgement) of source materials somewhere in your first post, or your youtube videos, because it could cause legal issues, if not give the impression you're assuming people won't notice. And it's a bit shady to be honest.

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