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WADMerger Animation Editor
By Titak

1. Open WADMerger and load your wad.
2. Select the object you want to animate.
3. Open Animation Editor .

4. Select the animation you want to change/create in the Current Animation box.
5. Create the animation.
The basics:
- Select mesh: right mouse click.
- You can rotate or move the mesh after clicking the Move () or Rotate ( ) buttons, right below the File and Edit dropdown menus. Three coloured arrows representing the X, Y and Z axis will appear. Pull these to move or rotate the mesh.
- You can add extra animations by clicking the Add button.
- You can delete frames using the button.
- The button let’s you add effects to the animation, such as sounds.
- Frame rate determines the speed of the animation: the higher the number, the slower the animation.
- If you want to link several animations into one long one you can put the number of the Next Animation in this box. Also put in a Next Frame .
Copy and paste frames or entire animations using the Frame and Animation dropdown menus.
6. Save the changes and save your wad.
7. Check out your new animation.

Animation Editor also has an Animation Wizard ( ) feature. This feature allows you to create the first frame, then the last frame and the Wizard will calculate the frames in between. Saves time and makes the animation smoother.

The WADMerger download comes with a readme file describing more features. It is best to also read that.

Creating animations isn't as easy as it looks. But practise makes perfect.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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