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Default New Tomb Raider Post-Rise Comic Series



(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Phillip Sevy (CA) Agustin Alessio

After Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft's adventure continues in a new comic series by Eisner Award winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer)!

Lara Croft is pursuing a lost truth about the world that just might unlock the secret to defeating death! She becomes entangled in a search for a rare mushroom said to grant immortality and a lethal new enemy that just won't die!

o Continuing where the Rise of the Tomb Raider game left off!

Was nervous about a new writer taking over from Rhianna, but much of what she had to say thrilled me, so I'm feeling less anxious

First cover:

Sample art:

Mariko Tamaki's blog:

Interview with Mariko:

Philip Sevy's DeviantArt page:
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