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Default New version

Hello everyone!

I made a new version of the HQ sound effects pack. I didn't rellay like the pack in the form it was released earlier, so I modified some things. This release is based mostly on the separate sound files on nonametr's website.

What's different:

- There used to be an awkard contrast between the updgraded and non-upgraded sounds. To minimize this, I applied an equalizer to each upgraded sound respectively, to make them more dull / muffled. They are still better quality then the originals, but the difference isn't so bothering now, they blend better.

- I removed those sfx updgrades that were only a part of sequence that combined them with non-upgraded sounds (for example upgraded shotgun-pump + non-upgraded shotgon shot). They were just awkward. Similary, some upgraded sounds were in variation with other non-updgraded sounds, these were removed too.

- Added a few new updgrades. TR 2013 uses the same steep water splashes (among others). I also replaced some of the tr1 originated upgrades as I wasn't satisfied with their quality, I was able to achieve better results at some of them. + richochet sounds + giant ball rolling sounds etc....

- There are two sounds that I decided to swap with non-identical upgrades. These are: Waterfall sound and ambient water sound (you know, the one that sounded like someone slurping a lollipop with two distinctive footstep noises? I was always looking around for enemies...). These were replaced by edited and mixed sounds from TR 2013. I think the result is very good.

- All of the non-replaced sfx were upscaled to 22050 hz via iZotope 64 sample rate converter. This made them sound just a tiny bit better.

Some of you don't like the original rolling sound so I uploaded two versions:

With original rolling sound :

With rolling sound from TR 4 (don't forget to rename the file) :

Let me know what you think. Have fun.

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