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Yeah, er -- it's going to be scraps of beta footage, at the very best. I mean, or even more cuts from the soundtrack, completely unused cues and the like.

Which would be really cool to have. But it's not going to be anything interactive, I'm sure.

Peter isn't affiliated with CD/SE in any meaningful way, is he? The only way we could get something more than the above would be with their sanctioning.

More to the point, it's being billed as some sort of "event", so maybe it's simply Peter's shot at a TR Suite-esque project. Again, really cool, but nothing I'm about to lose my **** over.

I'm saying this mostly because all of the teasers so far have had to do with TR4 through to AOD. It seems the name of the project was chosen based on how catchy it sounded, rather than because it's explicitly related to AOD in particular.
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