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^Not negativity
Not expecting old Lara either, just saying its not probably going to be exciting.

OST etc is great, but I really don't think its going to be anything big quite honestly is all.

I would kill for anything beta but its just... Idk for an actual announcement like this rather than just some release it feels more like its going to be a let down than if it was just let into the world unless its OST stuff.

I just feel like for so far (August right?) It wont be worth the wait, I obviously hope it is but in general it all just seems really odd to me, I can't really say how I feel specifically.

That being said I'm actually getting more exited over minutes

But I just don't have a high expectation, I almost doubt story or anything like that.

Hopefully something good though at least.
Hope only brings disappointment. It's a fact.

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