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Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
omg that's impressive
i remember being able to make Lara holding her pistol while stealth walking in PS2 verison, but i couldn't handle it too much

super cool find, sasho!
Yep - that's how it happened - I know I had to mash all the f* keys.

For the PS2 version - I was working on the Japanese SLPS_252.46.CHT - if you have OPL - you create this file into your CHT folder and write in it:

90218728 0C086172
That's the master code for the image then my super secrete sausage IRC should hopefully be:

00425C74 00000001

This will enable tank control movement - the same as the pc debugged camera version but I wasn't able to lock the camera - this was my last effort (Actually my last effort was trying to fit optimization code for loading levels that are already loaded in the memory since waiting times were killing me).

Ah and also I wasn't able to perform the pistol glitch on this version since it would not allow you walking backwards.

My point is - keep the tank controls PC and camera relative PS2 if you don't want the world to end.
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