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Originally Posted by Bughye View Post
Thank you so much!

I have one more question. Is it possible to download cache files from somewhere, so that the textures are already loaded like for dolphin emulator?
Honestly you are better off just building your own shader cache. Shaders differ from GPU to GPU and the cache you downloaded somewhere else might not be as optimized on your GPU version the cache you generated yourself.

Also in the earlier days of RPCS3 (at least a year ago) shader caches very invalid between emulator versions, you constantly had to delete previously generated shaders because they changed how the emu handles them in each new update pretty much.

I personally had an issue for example in TR 2013 where the emulator didn't know how to handle certain shaders and only rendered them as black voids in game. They stayed that way even a year later until I removed my entire cache and allowed the emu to do everything from scratch which fixed the issue. Sadly RPCS3 won't correct the incorrect shaders from the past.

Oh and I'm not sure if it's 'legal' to openly share shader caches since they are considered game code and are copyrighted or whatever. That's why you find caches on various piracy places which this forum doesn't allow.
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