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Oh well... I'm sure you have a lot of questions on your head, Mr. Lindstrom, so just let me thank you hundreds of times for taking your time to answer our questions and express my condolence for your dismissal. I really would like to write a huge and epic, epic, epic thank-you-letter but I'm sure your time is limited so just imagine the best wishes you could get packed in a letter from me

1) What does your forums-nickname mean? Really curious to know... (Answered, thanks for pointing that out)
2) Why do the dias glow green in Legend but red in Underworld, a mistake or a planned nod to the next Tomb Raider game?

and the last question related to the trilogy's story:

3)Why does Lara see the future (that is her Mother) in Legend's stargates and why don't the stargates in Underworld manipulate the time in any way?

Thank you for reading this, or at least the questions.
Best wishes, Black_Sheepa

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