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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
Awesome renders! I like the first catsuit one.
Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
I like the original one, the sexy ones aren't my cup of tea, but good work anyway, your renders give me life.
Thanks for the compliments! I love making classic (outfits from TR1 toTR6) outfit renders mostly, I just like to have a little fun with Lara sometimes, like making sexy outfit renders, cyborg Lara and so on.
Originally Posted by JimbobJeffers View Post
Dayum, you have been churning out these renders like an artistic machine, they're all so brilliant! I love the frequent nods you've made to classic renders, and your more original creations are fantastic too. Keep them coming!

Is your Lara based exclusively on the Classic era, or have you considered using outfits from the LAU trilogy too? Apologies if you have already, 56 pages of renders is a lot to look through.
Thanks! I am totally obsessed with making Lara Daz renders, it's very rare that I render other characters. My fav will always be the classic renders Fmv Lara so there are many more comming up
I have made an Anniversary Lara model (based on my Fmv model) and I made renders in this post: clicky and this one: clicky, and I have also made some legend renders (with the Anniversary model), one in previous link and here: clicky
I will probably make an Underworld Lara also.
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