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Originally Posted by jackali View Post
I don't want to speak for Gabi (or anyone else for that matter) but I took it that she was being tongue in cheek with that. Perhaps that might not have come across for everyone?
No. No it didn't.

Originally Posted by jackali View Post
As far as what Dave said, that response to bans does actually come up more often than you'd think. Is it really that toxic? Can you shed some light on how it's toxic? The response to moderation is rarely positive. Keeping one's distance isn't received all that well, and posting as regular members in addition to posting as mods gets people's hackles up. I'd argue that one kind of jokey post from a mod is less toxic than a few people ganging up on said mod and being pretty rude and toxic themselves. Seems like all the pots are calling the kettle black.
Okay I suppose he wasn't shading a particular person, he was shading a bunch of people. Awesome
How is that not toxic

"Response to moderation is rarely positive" sorry but what do you expect if a mod came to a thread like this mocking what apparently is a pretty popular response to being banned

I don't see how anyone's ganged up on anyone but alright.

And that's not really his first post of this nature and you probably already know that. But thanks for the typical response, everyone just seems to be twisting this out of topic to try and spin the fault on members instead. I'll just bite the bullet and say I agree if you want.
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