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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
Members have been having issues with moderation not since yesterday and Admles' posts add fuel to the fire.

So yeah I hope they are not representative of the administration as a whole.

Or maybe he should run his posts through you guys before he presses the Submit Reply button.
No one person (save Justin himself) can be an absolute authority here, and when moderators do truly step out of line, action is taken.

I don't think this post was out of line. Now, Justin can overrule me on that if he wants, but I don't think it was that bad.

When it comes to members having issues with moderation, the best way is to take it up with the team. There are definitely times when we don't always make the best decisions in the world - we are just people. We do try our best to maintain enough objectivity when we handle instances of rulebreaking. This doesn't always happen, and members are welcome to dispute something that could be unjust moderation. More often than not, moderation actions are taken because they very clearly break the rules, and in that case claims of unfairness will be promptly dismissed. When there's a grey area, if it's brought to the attention of the wider team, we'll make a decision together.

Now, if you're bringing up past issues you have, does that mean it's right for everyone else to do the same for you? Or for any other member here? I'm not sure that fighting alleged fire with fire is the way to go here, but that's just me.

Originally Posted by Woops View Post
No. No it didn't.

Okay I suppose he wasn't shading a particular person, he was shading a bunch of people. Awesome
How is that not toxic

"Response to moderation is rarely positive" sorry but what do you expect if a mod came to a thread like this mocking what apparently is a pretty popular response to being banned

I don't see how anyone's ganged up on anyone but alright.

And that's not really his first post of this nature and you probably already know that. But thanks for the typical response, everyone just seems to be twisting this out of topic to try and spin the fault on members instead. I'll just bite the bullet and say I agree if you want.
If you want to look at the nature of this thread, you might notice that it could be taken in a way that everyone who has posted in here has shaded someone by making a post about something someone else has said. The idea of this thread was not to do that, and it's a bit of a joke thread. If you really think that one person's comment is so much worse than everyone else's, I think that says a lot more about you than it does anyone else. But that's just the way I see it Now, if you can agree that everything here could be taken in a bad way, should we close the thread? If it's really just a bunch of people shading others? Or perhaps is there a chance that this thread isn't meant to be taken wholly seriously?

As far as ganging up on people, at least 5 different members, none of whom were targeted, have come into this thread and made some pretty rude comments about one other member (moderator or otherwise). Is that not ganging up?

No, I don't want you to agree with what I say because I say it. I'm not taking any moderation actions here because I don't think it's escalated to a point where I need to take action. A discussion is being had and that's healthy. We're not at a point where discussions have broken down, as they tend to do when people start responding to a ban by talking about free speech on a private forum with open membership - people often do so with indignation and a rational discussion whereby we can better evaluate the situation can't easily happen.

Originally Posted by ActuallyArlow View Post
Lol @Mods backpedalling like crazy now. I love it when any kind of 'higher ups' recieve backlash from the crowd. If this came off as shady I can just say it was 'tongue in cheek'.
Well that's a load of nonsense there. As I've said, that's how it came across to me, but then I've also said that I don't want to speak for anyone else and they're welcome to correct me and tell me otherwise. No backpedaling here. And no, you can't do that. If you make a post that gets brought up with moderation, and legitimately turns out to be a joke, then any action taken against you, after being informed of that and a discussion taking place about it, could well be reversed. That does not mean that you or any member can use that as an excuse when it's not the case, and if it starts becoming a go-to excuse then we'll have to stop letting anything slide.

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
This is so true. Checked Admles' latest posts and signature and I just can't believe how "you have no rights" mentality they are filled with. As a moderator he should rather make it clear that yes you have your freedom of speech for as long as it's respectful towards other users. I honestly hope this is just some light trolling and not actually a representation of this individual views (or even worse, whole administration's views). That would be incredibly worrying.

Then again it speaks miles when even regular users find moderator's posts controversial enough to suggest him being moderated by someone else.
If you think a post breaks the rules, it's not your responsibility to publicly call out the poster, rather you should make use of the report system. My intervention in this thread has only come about because several members such as yours think it's a good idea to gang up on someone you don't like. If you think a post a member makes breaks the rules, report it. Same as with moderators.

Now, a discussion can definitely be had, but it's not appropriate to go about it in the way that several members have. Use the report system when you think you see a post breaking the rules.
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