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I wasn't sure where to post, but looks like here is best.

Having some funky issues with Metasequoia that, at times, makes it impossible to even build or study large objects.
If an object is too big and goes past my grid, the program starts glitching.

I cannot move objects as the Handle no longer reacts.. though sometimes it will randomly at random camera angles or if I play with the perspective.
Other times - the object itself will disappear behind a 'wall' of background colour.

Is there anything I can do to fix this.. here are screens to show the issue

Mouse is highlighting the arrows, but they don't respond or 'lighten'

Move the camera to upwards here:

Moving camera around or zooming causes this issue below:

Sometimes , even the Handle itself can also disappear in this way.. very odd.
All I wanna do is move an object and its a battle with the camera
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