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I see you've chosen the 360 controls - currently however they lack free rotations. Free rotations allow lara to rotate in previously locked out positions (for example in the transition between lara running and standing still) - for this you can add config file into your root game directory.

Currently it'll auto spawn you into the Boaz level but you can change it to any other level by right clicking on the file - edit and specifying a level name inside the Level= field (you can get level names from the data/maps folder)or you can set ShowTitle=1 if you wish to view the title screen instead.

Additionally by changing the level to invent you can go pick up the dualies (use above link for the config file though - the one in this thread doesn't contain the free rotations).

Any feedback to the current controls is appreciated - additionally you can change the free rotations yourself by tinkering with the CONFIG.INI.

Thanks for using my patch and keep up the streams.
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