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Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
There's a whole section of Maximum Containment Area (I think it's the right one, and not The Sanitarium) closed off for the player. If you fly through one of the closed door, you'll see a huge, dark room (there's no textures, so you can't really see what you're doing) with pickupable items shining (cards, ammo, don't remember what else). You're in complete darkness and can't see where you're going, but I know there's some ladders and possibly other stuff.

I've read that Lara was originally also meant to visit those levels, so who knows, maybe it was her section?
Maybe. Maybe they changed it for Kurtis, because they promised that there would be a second playable character. They already introduced him and promoted him. So they were forced to put him in somewhere. They also put only one ability in the level from him. His farsee, when you need the codes for the door. After all, he's only playable in three levels..

I'm also working on some animations. I found out that the Drug dealer city guide guy has an animation to walk and even to run. Also Rennes is able to walk and pick up boxes and place them.
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