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I purchased Lara Croft Go this morning on Steam and I have to say it's one of the most challenging Tomb Raider games in term of puzzle solving but I am really enjoying playing through it as it has such relaxing ambient music which creates such an amazing atmosphere with it's unique graphics and design though I find it's game which will please any generation of Tomb Raider fan as it is new but it has that nostalgic touch in a way as we even here our talented Shelley Blond's sound effect from TR1 mixed with Keeley Hawes and they mix in great together.

I've been playing over 5 hours since 6PM to almost 12AM UK time and I have not long finished the main storyline, I might leave The Cave Of Fire and The Mirror Of Spirits until tomorrow. Then I might replay it and record it for my Youtube channel since I only focus on Tomb Raider games and this is a very unique one to do.
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