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Lara was 28 in the first Tomb Raider game and she did a lot of stuff afterwards. As long as you don't run into anybody named "Crystal Dynamics" you should be fine.

Anyways, no it's not too late. It's really never too late.

In our minds, everything moves fast. Just check it out, you can live an incredible and cinematic life in your mind's eye within the span of a few minutes. But real life is not moving so fast.

Just remember all of your friends are going to die. Like, they are also going to change careers and get divorces, etc... And they too are endlessly unsatisfied, as we all are. Nothing is ever finished here. But there is always something to quell the restlessness in any moment

There is always another day. There is always another paycheck with which you can create more opportunities. There are lots of options that we probably don't even know about tbh.

Also, don't regret where you were or how you spent your time, because you have gained a lot from those experiences, and who is to say that your friends have gained the same? It's not really comparable anyways. You've got something unique to give.

There is an opportunity to turn what feels like a giant weight upon your shoulders into a realization that there is so much more that you want. It's all entirely possible, so look at that fact rather than the fact it hasn't quite happened yet. It's a new beginning.

You know yourself, that as an artist that you're not going to be stumped by a blank canvas, and that each time you fill a bit of the picture in, it helps the rest come into place. These kinds of things are all the same tbh.
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