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The level of drama in this thread is an embarrassment to the TR community . No wonder Meagan apparently left this online kindergarten and by the looks of things Morrigan is following in her footsteps soon .

And of course it's no surprise that the usual drama queen is banned for the umpteenth time...

Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
Goodbye TRF!

See you all when the DLC is announced (if ever).

I am no longer interested in any of this, screw Crystal Dynamics, this is why almost everybody here hates them.
How about you put your extremely pitiful and childish vendetta against CD aside for a minute and ask yourself a simple question : What do they have to do with this alleged 8th DLC not being announced at E3 ?
You know what , I've heard CD pulled some strings in the Chernobyl catastrophe as well.
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