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Originally Posted by Dennis's Mom View Post
We visited Venice a month ago.

I agree, 950 euros is ridiculous, but having been there and seen how crowded (overrun?) Venice is, I can see where they have to control the situation.

Venice is a city where everything is literally boated in and boated out. You take your life in your hands if you get up early to walk because the deliveries are made by hand carts and they will run you over on the narrow streets. Same with trash collection.

Making coffee may not be "unseemly" but neither is it something you should do on a heavily trafficked bridge like the Rialto. That's a stupid place to make coffee.

Also, backpackers making their own coffee are not exactly tourists that are bringing revenue to the city. Tourists who buy coffee are. *shrugs* I'm not trying to shame backpackers, but you can buy coffee in Italy everywhere for one euro, maybe two. Stopping on the busiest bridge in town to make your own is a dumb idea.
Such a law could and most likely will end up hurting tourism to Venice, for example the part of the law that bans picnicking in certain locations unless they put up signs similar to keep off the grass signs that say you can't have a picnic here, then a tourist would have no way of knowing where they can and can't have a picnic.

They probably won't put up signs on purpose just so they can fine people for having illegal picnics, once word gets out about this law it'll only put people off going to Venice which will hurt tourism once that happens the law will most likely be scrapped once local businesses stop making money.

The Venice authorities will most likely deliberately not inform tourists of the law just so they can fine them for everything, if someone were for example to drink water from an unnaproved source they could be fined for that with different fines for different offences.

If Venice intends to keep going the way it's going with this law it'll soon become known as the rip off capital off the world.

I think Lara Croft should avoid Venice in the future, she would definitely be fined for speeding in her speedboat.
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