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I think people should dress up for work, but it really depends on the industry.

"Smart casual" should be the absolute minimum I feel like, for most industries anyway. If maybe you work in an office environment like yours with a relaxed dress code, or you're a teacher with younger children, then that's the way to go. You can do chinos or even dark-coloured jeans with a button-up shirt, maybe a v-neck sweater over it in colder seasons. Nice shoes but nothing too expensive/overdone.

If you're in a really corporate job then I think there's no excuse, you turn up dressed smart like you work in an office. I do think teachers with older children should also dress up, especially if you are in a country where the kids have to wear uniform. Set the example.

If you work in a more physically laborious job, or even something like retail, then more casual is acceptable. You don't want to ruin nice clothes and you want to be comfortable.

I am someone who really believes in taking pride in your appearance though, and that's even outside of work. Gym clothes are for the gym, around the house, or if you're outside doing some physical activity like running. I would not be caught dead in gym clothes outside of any of those situations. They are not for going shopping in, picking up the kids from school, and certainly not for work. I really hate this "athleisure" trend and wish it would die already. It is so slovenly and lazy, like have some standards, come out the house looking like you haven't just rolled out of bed.
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