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I work in a hotel as a front desk person - so there's a dress code there, but it's obviously more for the purpose of letting guests know who they can speak to for service. And for the sake of the brand, I guess. Either way, I don't mind it, because it has a purpose. I mean, it's a uniform, not a dress code, strictly.

Personally, I think "business casual" is an oxymoron - think about it, has anyone ever done business in a casual setting - and "smart casual" is the conceited invention of people who truly don't have anything meaningful to worry about in their lives.

I could never be productive in an environment where my choice of apparel was subject to comparison against some arbitrary ideal - that somehow has something to do with how well I am able to perform a given task. Go **** yourself.

EDIT: Of course, I am referring to office settings here, in case that wasn't clear. Places where the work you do mostly concerns yourself. In schools, or anywhere else interactive like that, I can obviously concede to certain expectations of propriety, for the sake of those around you.

Then again, I do think we need to re-examine what is "proper" to begin with. Like, why are inoffensive piercings or tattoos (I'm not talking chin gauges or teardrops under the eyes here, but like, a tattoo on your forearm or a piercing other than in your lobe) still an issue?

If we're never going to normalize these things - it's like, not only do we still have to be wage slaves, then, but we also have to commit to being expendable cogs in a machine? While nobody's even watching?

I realize the point is to make the company that employs you, money - and not to express yourself, when you're at work, but c'mon. If we've no choice but to commit to their invariably unfair terms anyway, we deserve that small pleasure of self-expression, I think.

Just, in the corporate interest of being relatable, if nothing else. Companies are so self-aware these days - or at least their marketing teams would have you believe that - so I'm sure they could twist it to serve a narrative of empowerment.
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