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Originally Posted by Cozumel View Post
When you are running from the Yaaxil after discovering the resting place of the box?

Because there was a large glitch of people dying in this set piece,
Lara finally finds the 'box' or so she thinks,
The running set pieces from the LAU trilogy
and the screaming of the Yaaxil
Yes! It was Cenote!

1) Dying on Deadly Obsession in this area causes a lot of progress to be lost.
2) I actually meant the Shotgun but yeah the Silver Box fits too.
3) I was referring to the watermill puzzle which was similar to the one in Underworld and how that game had a passage that opens underwater as well.
4) Yes, the Yaaxil.

Your turn!
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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